The Dojo – where Black Belt Mom* works, works out, hangs out with her kids, and even drives a bus

Who would have known when my four year old son said that he wanted to try karate the direction my life and our family’s lives would take.  The six weeks of Parks  & Rec “karate” was less than stellar, at least from my side, but my older son loved it.  So, I went on a search to find a studio for him to begin taking classes.  After looking for a few days, I found a place called The Dojo. That sounded pretty hopeful.  I did a little research and found out that my former karate teacher’s son (Yes, I took karate for about a year and a half in high school) was affiliated with The Dojo.  I called and set up an appointment to try a class, we went in, and that was how our family’s karate journey began.

After a year of watching my son take classes, I decided to join in the fun.  Now, six years later, I have earned my black belt and a place on the staff.  My older son will be testing for his black belt soon, and my younger son, who was in a stroller during the six week Parks & Rec class, is now an advanced belt.

It’s more than just a job or a place where I go to stay fit.  I love being at the Dojo. It has made such an impact on my family’s life.  There are people who we have met who have had such a positive impact on our lives.  The children we teach, and the families, are soooo much more than customers.  I love seeing their smiles, how hard they work on a new technique, and especially when those cute little ones give me giant hugs. And the rest of the staff….that’s what they’re called, but they truly are family. I love going to work. It’s fun, challenging, and rewarding.  It’s a great way to spend the day. Oh yeah, I also get to work barefoot and never have to wear a suit, and I get to kick and punch stuff for fun. What’s not to love?

pcBeginnings – The [former] business side of Black Belt Mom

Based in Cumming, Georgia, pcBeginnings was started in 2000 to meet the growing training and technology needs of small to mid-sized companies in today’s marketplace.

pcBeginnings’ founder is an Atlanta native.  She earned her ABJ and MA from the University of Georgia in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

Prior to forming pcBeginnings, Black Belt Mom worked with a variety of computer systems, from Macs, to UNIX-based, to PCs.  She also worked with programs ranging from DOS-based Word Perfect to Adobe Photoshop for the Mac or PC, Microsoft Works, and the entire Microsoft Office Suite through the 2013 versions and currently with Office 360.

pcBeginnings offered a wide range of services, including customized training, desktop publishing, presentation design, virtual assistant, and social media training and presence management.  Soft skills training, including goal and priority setting, time management, and CusSemer service and Operations improvement also remain part of pcBeginnings’ training offerings. Now, if you still need help with any of those items, pcBeginnings will gladly consult with you on a per project basis.


The Social Side of Black Belt Mom

I don’t post all the time on social media, but when I do, you’ll find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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*I just refer to myself in the George Costanza third person when using headers for my web page.